ZettaNet to Zettagrid Transition FAQ



What has occurred?

From 1-Jun-2024, ZettaNet customer contracts will be migrated from ZettaNet Pty Ltd to Zettagrid Pty Ltd.

Why was this change made?

We're found that our customers were increasingly using both internet and cloud services from us. Currently this means you get two invoices; you need to visit two different portals to get your service information; call different phone numbers and email addresses and even get different branded emails when we want to contact you. This changes simplifies our engagement with you.

Are ZettaNet and Zettagrid owned and operated by the same people?

Yes, ZettaNet Pty Ltd and Zettagrid Pty Ltd have the same shareholders, management, systems, support team, office and certifications. The common team have been providing services under both brands for many years.

When is the change effective?


What are the company details of Zettagrid?

Zettagrid Pty Ltd

ABN 90 141 800 357
Level 11,
108 St Georges Tce
Perth, WA, 6000 Australia


Does the support email change?

Yes, we will be transitioning to zettagrid.com emails. Many of our support emails already come from this address. Customers may contact either email address. support@zettagrid.com will become the sole email in the future.

What phone number do I call for sales or support?

Call the Zettagrid number: 1300 597 656 however the old number will still work.

What account portal do I use?

The new portal will be https://account.zettagrid.com. This portal is the successor to https://myaccount.zetta.net.au. You will be able to view all of your service and payment history in the new portal, along with being able to change your customer information.

Will the email/DNS/hosting etc addresses change?

We have no immediate plans to change these technical portal addresses that use the zetta.net.au domain. For example email.zetta.net.au

What will happen to the zetta.net.au website?

This website will be redirected to zettagrid.com over the coming months

Terms and Conditions

Are there new terms and conditions?

Yes, however the terms provided by Zettagrid Pty Ltd uses your existing ZettaNet Pty Ltd as a template for the base terms and conditions with additional clauses for cloud related services and so the only change is the company providing the service.

Please provide the clause allowing you to assign this contract to a different entity.

Please refer to clause 7.6.2 of the current ZettaNet General Terms and Conditions

Where can I find the new Terms and Conditions?



Who will issue my June invoice?

Zettagrid Pty Ltd

What are the new bank details?

The bank details are listed on the Zettagrid invoice.

Will the payment terms change?


What if I accidentally pay into the ZettaNet bank after 1-June?

Our finance team manage both bank accounts, so do not worry. Your payment will be accepted. We will inform customers to move to the new bank account over the coming months.

Do Direct Debit and Credit Card details change?

Your direct debit and credit card details will be transferred, and your bank will show transactions from Zettagrid Pty Ltd instead of ZettaNet Pty Ltd.