Configure a Veeam Replication Job

Now that the setup is complete, it?s time to start consuming Zettagrid Cloud Connect replication resources. In Veeam terms, a Cloud Host is the abstracted view of Zettagrid?s replication platform, and seen as a remote virtualised host that can be used as a replication target. in Cloud Connect Replication jobs are configured in the same as standard Veeam Replication jobs with only the target is different.

The first thing to do rescan the services offered by the service provider. In the Service Provider window right click on the endpoint configured earlier and click Rescan.

By going into the Backup Infrastructure menu option, you can see the Cloud Host listed under the available VMware resources, side by side with your local vSphere environment:

Everything is set for the first Cloud Connect Replication Job.

Configuring Replication Jobs:

In the Backup & Replication menu click on the Replication Job Icon or right-click on Replicas and select Replication

Enter in the Name of the Job and check the Separate virtual networks (enable network remapping) and Click Next.

It?s important to select ?Separate virtual networks (enable network mapping).? This option enables the network settings of the replication job, that will be important to correctly map you client side networks to the networks created on the NEA at Zettagrid. Note that Re-IP, on the other side, is not required in Cloud Connect Replication.

In the next section you can search for the VM or VMs you want to replicate.

Next, the destination is selected. The Host or Cluster that is chosen is from the Cloud Host option as shown below.

The Cloud Connect Endpoint should appear and Hardware Plan created at the Zettagrid end can be selected.

Once this has been done the default Host and Datastore are selected

Next, the Networks can be mapped.

Network Mapping: Here you will see the source network of any replicated VM and be able to map each network to a network created on the NEA at the Zettagrid end. Below, in simplest terms there is only one network with internet access, so every VM is going to be mapped to the single network made available in the hardware plan on the NEA. In more complex environments, there will be multiple source and target networks to be mapped.

Click on Add and select the Source and Target network. The Source network is the PortGroup relating to the VM, or group of VMs that you are replicating. In the Example below we are only mapping a single tier, however you see in the second image that on the Zettagrid end under the Hardware Plan there are three internet connectable networks to choose from. For the purpose of the single tier you only need to choose a single target network. If you have a multi tier application or a requirement for individual networks you would match each VM to their corresponding network.

From here, the rest of the job configuration follows the same steps of any standard Veeam Backup & Replication job. The job will still store replica metadata locally, so choose your local repository, though the default should suffice. For the Advanced button of the Job Settings and under the Traffic Tab it?s recommended that you choose WAN target for the Storage optimization option.

Schedule in the Replication Job and click on create. From there you can view the Summary.