Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Client Side Configuration

Details to Connect

Service Provider URL: veeam.[per|syd|mel|bri|ade|sgp]
Username: VCC_nnnnnnn
Password: xxx

These details are available in your Veeam Subscription in MyAccount.

Veeam B&R Setup and Configuration

Step 1. Launch Service Provider Wizard

Open the Backup Infrastructure view. Right-click the Service Providers node in the inventory pane and select Add service provider.

Step 2. Specify Cloud Gateway Settings

Enter the following information on Service Provider wizard:

Name: veeam.[per|syd|mel|bri|ade|sgp]
Port: 6180 (default)
Description: provide a description for the SP you are adding.

Step 3. Verify TLS Certificate and Specify User Account Settings

Verify the SSL Certificate and Click on Add to enter in Cloud Connect Credentials.

Step 4. Enumerate Cloud Repository Resources

Click Apply and wait until the connection to Zettagrid is established. Your Repository and Quota will then be displayed.

Click Apply once more, Next and then Finish. A rescan will be performed.

Step 8. Finish Working with Wizard

Once Completed you should see the Cloud Connect Gateway appear in the list in the Service Providers Tab.

Click on Backup Repositories tab to see the previously configured Cloud Connect Repository.

You are now ready to Create Backup and Backup Copy jobs to the Cloud Repository.