Sizing Storage and Bandwith for Veeam Replication

How much Bandwidth is needed for Veeam Cloud Connect Replication?

The bandwidth requirements for Cloud Connect Replication jobs will vary depending on your backup jobs and you connection to the internet.

The remote replication cycle for a VMware VM will take longer than the backup copy process for the very same VM. This additional overhead comes partly from using VMware data protection APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for creating vSphere replicated VMs.  You might be asking how much bandwidth is enough for your replication of vSphere VMs. The bandwidth amount depends on multiple factors, including the number of VMs, amount of data, the latency and the available window you need to fit. Below is the basic rule for estimating required connection speed:

Required WAN/LAN, MBs = ([Amount of total daily changes, MB/replication window, hours]/3600) x 8

Please note that this value will actually be too high because it doesn?t consider that Veeam Backup & Replication makes the process faster through the use of a number of traffic-optimization options. This will amount to an overall time savings gained by those optimizations.

How do I Size the Cloud Storage and Replication Requirements?

To size your Cloud Connect Offsite Repository you should take into consideration the size of the backup job(s) on your local Veeam Server. There is a one to one relationship in terms of what the size of your backup is locally as to what is stored offsite.

There is an Online Veeam Calculator that can be used to simulate your Cloud Connect Replication bandwidth requirements relating to speed and data transferred. The example shown below gives you an 8 hour replication window based on 1TB of storage used at 2x or 50% data reduction or compression at a standard 25% rate of change.